Stringing & Eyeletting


Hand Finished or Automated

Printaims offer both hand finishing, and an automated finishing service for stringing and eyeletting depending on your order volumes. We can apply a brass eyelet and a variety of strings to either pre-printed stock supplied by you, or personalised stock printed by us if required.

Printaims can offer a full range of finishing services, in addition to stringing and eyeletting we provide drilling, creasing and folding, angle cutting, die cutting, guillotining and round cornering.

Most stringing and eyeleting companies are print finishers only which can be difficult if you are a print broker or management company. In these circumstances you’re having to buy stock from one supplier, to get finished by another which causes problems if there is too much wastage during the finishing process. It can also affect your lead-time when 2 processes are done at separate sites. Printaims however can produce the whole product from printing the base stock, to stringing and eyeletting the finished product which makes it a much smoother process for the client.

Operating from our modern facilities centrally in the country (Stockport) it enables us to easily distribute our product efficiently nationwide. While we are a printing manufacturer that deals directly with consumers, we have vast experience of acting as a trade supplier for other printers. We can deliver directly to your clients with plain delivery vans and plain delivery paperwork.

If you have any special requirements that are not on the list please contact us and they can be specially sourced through our suppliers.

We offer a range of more specialist finishing including providing barbed elastic, clasps, cotton strung barbs, tassels, safety pins and cord, ball chain & wired tags. For all your stringing and eyeletting needs please contact Printaims on 0161 429 9552.

If you do supply stock we need:-
  • Each piece cut down and supplied as singles
  • Ideally with holes for the eyelet position
  • The pieces need to be stripped of waste (charges apply if not because it is very time consuming)
  • Ensure the hole is 5mm
We also offer a variety of stringing types including:-
  • Looped & Knotted
  • Jute & Cotton Twine
  • Ribbon Strung Tags
  • Drilled only
  • Eyeletted or washered
  • Shape cut tags
We have a wide variety of cord and stringing types including:-
  • Artistic acrylic
  • Cannele Corded Mercerised Cotton 4 ply & Aurora knits
  • Lurex Cord
  • Nylon, Polyester Twine
  • Ribbon
  • Savannah 3/8 cords
  • Twiested Rayon Cord
  • Type 1525 Metallic Cord
  • Type 32 Cotton Cord
  • Type 44 Cotton Cord
  • Type 90 Semi-Metallic Cord