Pop Up Banners


High Quality & Low Prices

Popup banners are one of the most effective products for marketing and promotional purposes. They are an extremely costs effective method of promoting you brand and conveying a company message whether it is at an exhibition, conference or even within the office at your own premises.

Many online companies offer extremely ‘cheap’ headline or promotional offers, however our industry does have extremely varying quality of these products. At Printaims we believe we produce the best value popup banners (roller banners) and exhibition stands in the UK. We focus on providing market leading pricing without substituting the quality of either the stand structure or print quality. Many companies sell extremely cheap popup banners which look ok on receipt but after they have been used a few times the lack of quality soon shows. Printaims supply popup banners which don’t just look fantastic when printed, but are also designed to stand the test of time so they can be used several times over.

Printaims provide popup banners in Stockport and the wider UK through a unique arrangement with a nationwide logistics company. Our business model ensures that our prices are extremely competitive and our turnaround times are very quick no matter where you are in the UK.

What are popup banners?

Popup banners are high quality graphics and text printed onto a pvc substrate which is attached to a aluminium portable stand that can be condensed into a small case for carrying. The PVC substrate has a much longer lifespan than standard paper so it can be used multiple times. Our popup banners weigh less than 5kg so they are very easy to transport to events and conferences. We use the highest quality aluminium frame which are strong, don’t rust and look fantastic.

Printaims provide popup banners in Stockport on a premium PVC. We price our products to compete with online retails to ensure our customers are getting better value for money baes on the material we use. Our popup banners are very easy to use. Our stands are much easier to erect than many offered online which becomes a huge benefit when you come to using them. Printaims use weatherproof inks and our stands are both rust resistant and scratch proof so they can be used at our outdoor events.

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