Presentation Folders


High Quality & Low Prices

Printaims are the lead supplier of folders in Stockport supplying folders to some of the UK’s leading organisations, and a host of local smaller independent firms. We produce premium quality presentation folders including Glued Pocket Presentation Folders, Self-Locking Presentation Folders, 6 Page Presentation Folders and a variety of bespoke folders, card and receipt holders & Media folders.

Our prices are as competitive as the ‘cheap’ online print suppliers, however we believe the quality of both our products and service to be far superior. All our folders are printed on high quality 400gsm Silk Board which are perfectly cut and can be laminated.

We supply bespoke folders in Stockport which are truly unique in both design and material. Printaims understand the power your presentation folder has to represent your business and convey a message to your customers.

Printaims provide high quality folders in Stockport to a variety of industries including Financial Advisers, Delivery and Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Property Management, Engineering companies.

Our reputation for impeccable service and premium quality products has led to the recent growth of the company and further investment in the latest print technologies. Whether it’s a ‘run of the mill’ A4 presentation folder or novel collateral holder we have the knowledge to deliver high quality folders to match your budget.

Glued Pocket Presentation Folders Glued pocket presentation folders have a very solid feel to them due to the way they are constructed which gives them a feel of premium quality. If you are looking to give an excellent first impression for your business this is the best route. This folder is constructed by gluing the pocket which gives a more rigid feel above the Self-Locking version.

6 Page Presentation Folder 6 page presentation folders are so much more than simply document holders. They can be used effectively like a corporate brochure giving a feel of quality with much more room to convey your company message. While they are the costliest form of folder, they can offer a cost saving by replacing the need for separate folders and brochures in one product. 6 page presentation folders are unique in looks. Many print companies are not yet offering this product so your company will likely stand out from the crowd with this product which are a great selling aid. In contrast to a standard folder opening to show 2 inside pages, these folder offer 3 sides inside giving more opportunity to display they benefits of your business. These folder can again be supplied flat to save storage at you premises and can be die cut into a variety of unique shapes and sizes.

Self Locking Presentation Folders Self locking folders are the perfect way for businesses to promote their company when handing out other documents relating to the business (e.g. A mortgage Adviser handing out regulatory documents). Whether the folders are being used to be left with clients, or to be used at exhibitions or training sessions, self locking folders are a low cost solution. These folders are die cut so the folders own board interlocks creating the folder, they are not glued. These can therefore be supplied flat if preferred to reduce storage space and made up by the clients, or they can be supplied already interlocked. They are particularly good for direct mail campaigns.

We can offer a range of capacities for our folders depending on what you will be using them for. The below visualisation shows how the spine of the folder will vary depending on how much capacity you require.

Customers ordering folders can either supply their own artwork or we can provide design services. We work with a number of large organisation so we have the experience of dealing with a variety of marketing departments with pre supplied print ready artwork. However if your business doesn’t have this facility we provide a high quality design service at affordable prices.